Welcome to the Regina Ciclarum, the Queen of the cycle paths in Rome that will take you on a journey of history, scenery, emotions and more, whether you are here to walk, run, cycle or skate (or crawl?), you’ll be glad you took the time to explore!


Regina Ciclarum, proper name of a cycle Utopia.
55km by bike (including a map and GPS track) along its majesty the Tiber, across the Eternal City, from the “Prima Porta” countryside to the Fiumicino seaside.

An epic journey between Land and Water
A story 55km long in the presence of its majesty the Tiber

A space of blending influences
From the wild silence of the lowlands to the lively humanity of the urban suburbs.
From the monumental magnificence of the historical centre, to the vastness of the sea.

A scenery of mobility, history, relationships, entertainment
In the heart of the capital city as in the surrounding countryside, far away from traffic and chaos.

A natural corridor of wild beauty
which no wall will ever enclose

A reconciliation impulse
between a city, its river and its memories

Course and landing place of a thousand languages
Pedestrians, strollers, joggers, bicycles, skaters…
Today, like in the past, Rome is a patchwork of influences and situations

Theatre and memory of a thousand-year-old epic
A primordial story of ideas, cultures and goods coming from far away.

Symbolic act of reappropriation
customs, sights, charm to recover along the river meanders

Emotional agreement to the supremacy of consular roads
The via Appia in the first place, “Regina Viarum” “Queen of Roads” of visions and utopias

Join the Queen’s cats: visions, plans, days out and much more!


Northern territories

A stone’s throw away from the city centre,
countryside as far as the horizon
far away from the hectic urban lifestyle.


The Eternal City

A stroll along the dock
where history lazily bends one bridge after the other
cycling, canoeing or walking
discovering a city and a river
that have been whispering each other secret wonders for thousands of years


The Elysian Fields

From Trastevere to Mezzocammino
beyond dumps and decay
reaching stubbornly the place where giant trees at sunset whisper solemnly the ancestors’ words


The Sea Way

From Mezzocammino to Fiumicino
bend after bend
the spirit of the river
will take you on a timeless journey


What to bring

a fit body (22km of level dirt road)
water and food supply (there are no snack points along the itinerary)
a bike in good conditions (working brakes and gears, inflated tyres suitable to a dirt track; racing bicycles are not recommended)
helmet and gloves
anti-puncture kit (possible thorns along the track)
Sun cream

It is highly recommended to join organised groups, avoiding solitary explorations!
Look up the Cats’ Calendar to join them in their journey to the sea.

The petition

Sign the petition created some years ago by Riccardo Santoro to extend the Roman cycling routes to the sea


The far-away lands

The future cycle path along the Tiber will descend the river from its source to its outlet (connected to the “Ciclovia Romea – Bicitalia 5).

Waiting for it to come true, you can have a look at some photos from the “XXXIX Discesa Internazionale del tevere “International Descent of the river Tiber”, organized by the DIT volunteers from the 25th of April to the 1st of May 2018”


The GPS track



Join the Cats in their monthly visit to the Queen .

Who are we?

The Queen’s Cats are a voluntary group freely born to (re)discover, share the knowledge, defend and celebrate the beauty of the “Regina Ciclarum” and the magnificence of the river Tiber.

We don’t need your vote or your money. We are not a lobby or a sect. We are simple citizens who became Cats, in love with an idea 55 km long (maybe more).

In our Italian world of social climbers, minions, selfies’ addicts, “know-it-alls”, we have chosen, in order to show the sincerity of our passion, to devote ourselves to activities conceived, built and spread by our spontaneous initiative through continuity, willingness and attention.

This site, our vision, projects, days out (once a month in the Queen’s company), represent our attempt to reach all the people who likewise believe in the necessity to act in first person concretely, together, respecting people and approaches.

This country will emerge from the stifling bog in which it has sunk only when its citizens will develop a shared, creative, active sensitivity towards the common good.

The Queen is out there waiting for you

why don’t you join us?


(traduzione a cura di GattaAlessandra)